Friday, October 7, 2011

as summer fades, fall begins゜+.❤

my warm summer days have all but seemed to vanish here in the lovely desert. I don't think I'm ready for the cold this place promises to bring, I've already had to turn on the heater during the day! to top it off it is sooo~ windy. srsly, my smoking spot has been reduced to the garage
as our backyard is no longer a safe spot as I was picked up and thrown a total of 4 times the other day!

tea has been my savior through all this though. matt and I always stock up on different types of tea, and he doesn't really care about flavor so I always get the vanilla's and honey.
my favorite!

today I made some of the loose tea I purchased from the tea gardens and added a tea bag of vanilla and honey purchased at the infamous charlie browns.
so it's extra vanilla-ey!

today, however the weather has been lovely. not too windy, and not too cold. and it's been nice and sunny. so this morning I had my morning tea in our sort of den area (still not sure what to call the place. informal dinning room? )

ate some delicious strawberries and picked up reading the secret garden again. gosh~ something about this book makes me really want to experience england. I love chic french style, but lately I've been in a very england state. day dreaming of meadows and old castles. wool coats, mittens, fluffy berets and thigh-high wool stockings.

speaking of! this months popteen was filled with all sorts of fashion I'm currently into. loving all these loosely fitted knitted tops, cardigans, and plaids. these are all very in this season...again!

and what else is in? wavy hair! wavy wavy hair is this seasons IT hair.

I've seen it everywhere, which is fantastic 'cause since I've taken my extensions out my hair has grown so long and healthy and is at that point where I can curl and wave it. thank you hair gods for finally blessing my head with healthy hair that I actually like!

here are a few other snaps from the magazine that I love

oh~ if only~!

Monday, October 3, 2011

okay, so this is my first actual post on this thing.
bare with me, it may be a little random.

so, my new obsession has been incense oils

I am totally in love with it!
and I was hesitant at first to get them 'cause the word incense makes my nose twitch and brings memories of bad head aches.
but these are so fragrant, but not over-powering!

I light this little tea light pour in my favorite oil and the aroma just fills the air. I just truly love them!
today was jasmine sweet pea, and it was lovely.

I also baked some mini blueberry cakes! I love make things, they are quick, delicious, and matt can take it on the go!

ta-da! they turned out perfect, slightly golden on the outside and soft on the in. melted a little bit of butter on mine and nomed while watching tv. I'll save matt's for when he comes home.

today was pretty boring, relaxing in a way. did the laundry I neglected to do over the weekend and straightened up our spare bedroom. tonight is a lonely night. matt will be mia til wednesday.